Simply Annick Welcomes YOU!!

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Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is S-I…. lmao just kidding!

But on a real note I am Simply Annick pronounced (Unique with an A) newest blogger to hit the Miami scene. Born and Raised in Miami, FL. I am extremely excited to step on the scene show support to all these local and not so local artist. If it wasn’t for the artist I wouldn’t be here today. I would like to first thank you for visiting my site, I really hope you enjoy. Secondly, I would like to explain my site to you. I plan on changing the game & leading the way by adding something different. Actions speak louder than words so just keep watching ! I have so much planned from interviews, shows, reviews and more! I cant wait to share it all with you guys. I would be posting at 8:05 pm  for the most part on Mondays! Almost everybody hates Mondays, so now I’m giving you a reason to look forward to an begin to enjoy Mondays, I promise it’ll be well worth it. For the first week I will be launching something EVERYDAY, sometimes twice a day.  I would like to thank you again for checking out my site and hope top have you back again. I love what I do and take pride in everything I put my name on.  Spread the word !!!! #SimplyAnnick I support those who support me.

PS- I will be dropping something every 30  minutes til 09:05 :)

How to contact #SimplyAnnick:

Email submissions to:

Follow me :

Twitter: @Simply_Annick

IG: Simply_Annick


4 thoughts on “Simply Annick Welcomes YOU!!

  1. I’m looking forward to everything you drop and I can’t wait to see this website evolve into something for other music blogs to envy. I back you 110% and you go girl. :*

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