[Mixtape Review] KOOLEY JONES (@KOOLEYJONES) – Jack Daniels and Money Schemes

KOOLEY JONES presents us with his highly anticipated project Jack Daniels and Money Schemes. Jack Daniels and Money Schemes also known as #JDMS contains 19 tracks which includes the two exclusive bonus tracks. KOOLEY JONES features a few artists on #JDMS such as Ivy League RoyaleAnita Will, A.G Lyonz and Tito Medero of Beautiful Struggle Crew. Each feature adds a unique but graceful touch which to me enhances #JDMSKOOLEY JONES produces most of #JDMS himself, but features 2 guest producers Exel the Future and TRILLA who both add a pretty diverse touch to Jack Daniels and Money Schemes.

KOOLEY JONES starts off this masterpiece with the intro track ‘Fly Wayz’ which I believe to be a perfect choice. This track definitely sets the mood and tone for the rest of #JDMS, and lets us know what’s in stores throughout #JDMS.

KOOLEY JONES gives us so much through out #JDMS, from spitting about his dreams, hard work, dedication, the struggle, everyday life issues and his schemes to get to this money. KOOLEY JONES is telling a story, his story throughout his whole project, but in a special way that is relatable to its listeners.

With tracks like ‘Green Light’, ‘All Black Affair (Gold Thangs)’, ‘No Grav as Usual’  and ‘Johnnie on the Rocks’ both featuring Ivy League Royale ,and ‘Vivo Mexico (Vamanos)’ featuring Tito Medero, you get a good look at the scheming KOOLEY JONES warns us about with the title ‘Jack Daniels and Money Schemes’. Each of these tracks has an unusual but interesting way of communicating KOOLEY JONES dreams and plots of making money and having his music played across the globe. The track ‘Viva Mexico (Vamanos)’ is one of my favorite, because of the production and the delivery from both artists. The diversity and uniqueness of this track is what I enjoyed most; you don’t usually see it done in such a way. This is definitely a track I would look forward to seeing a visual for as well as a performance.

KOOLEY JONES gets a little more personal on #JDMS with tracks like ‘Lost in Translation’, ‘Time goes by’, ‘Fact of Life’ and ‘The Love (Capture the Night) ’. With each bar in each track KOOLEY JONES spits about his struggles, dreams and fears. This is where KOOLEY JONES ability to story tell through his music but still remain an artist his audience can relate too is broadcasted strongly. “ Had a dream about this ever since I was a youngin’ went from the back jams to the Howard Homecoming, we performing just landed back in town got a show up in Boca man this sh*t far from over, No Grav!” KOOLEY JONES on this line takes you to the beginning of his journey as an artist to now and explains that it’s just the beginning even though he’s making moves and progressing he still has so much more to offer. ‘The Love (Capture the Night)’ is certainly one of my favorite tracks on this whole project from the production and the smooth flow KOOLEY JONES holds throughout the track. KOOLEY JONES spits about the love he has for the music, the gratitude he has for his team, his ambition and family. KOOLEY JONES reminisces on different events in life that made him who he is now, and also that no matter what he’s always living life. Back to back punch lines on life issues. This track is definitely going to be one to replay.  On ‘Fact of Life’ KOOLEY JONES, spits about life and accepting different things that occur in life and regardless just remaining focus and keeping the eye on the prize.

KOOLEY JONES slows it down and spits about relationships from relationships with the groupies on ‘Screaming my Name’ to relationship issues with ‘Killing my Heart (Never Wok)’ featuring Anita Will and of course the sexual relationships with ‘Stroke Game’. These tracks just show how versatile KOOLEY JONES can be, but still holds the power to keep your attention for each track.

‘Paper Sacrifices’ is a short but straight to the point track that delivers a message I believe everyone can relate too if not most definitely understand. “Paper, paper, tell me what you do for paper?” ‘Brand New’ is one of KOOLEY JONES best productions to date. He freestyles and of course kills the beat. Straight snaps! Be aware!

KOOLEY JONES blessed us with Jack Daniels and Money Schemes. No questions asked this is a classic! From the production to the features this is definitely a mix tape you can vibe to from start to finish; no skipping tracks no fast forwarding. I definitely appreciate and congratulate KOOLEY JONES on this masterpiece.

Definitely ‘Music to my ears’

Check out Jack Daniels and Money Schemes:

JDMS Links:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/KOOLEYJONES
Website: NOGrav.Com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/KOOLEYJONES
Email: KOOLEYJONES.NGG@gmail.com



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