Dat Thang – Ice Berg (@IceBerg305)

Ice Berg, a very talented Miami artist  recently dropped his mix tape ‘Rise to Power’ which consisted of 20 tracks , a couple of features and some great music. If you’re talking about Miami talent Ice Berg is without a doubt an artist you must mention. He’s been an independent artist on the grind for a few years now, Ice Berg consistently delivers great music, and never disappoints. The track ‘ Dat Thang’ off his latest project  ‘ Rise to Power’ is now available for purchase on Itunes at only .99 cents! This track is great for riding out with the bass bumping, nodding  your head to the beat and rapping along to the catchy hook. Ice Berg always delivers nothing but perfection. “Ion smoke if it ain’t Dat Thang”. In this track ‘Dat Thang’ has a couple different meanings but you’ll definitely catch on.  He spits about good bud, girls, his ambition  and the well-known haters. #DatThang

Check out ‘Dat Thang‘ :

If You haven’t downloaded ‘Rise to Power ‘your missing out and I suggest you do ASAP right here on Dat Piff :


and purchase ‘Dat Thang’ on Itunes:




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