[Mixtape Review] Flight 663 MOE TURK (@moeturk_HLFL)

MOE TURK releases his latest project Flight 663. Flight 663 consists of 14 tracks, a couple of freestyles, and an awesome production. MOE TURK features artist TEDDY P (@swaggUP_racksUP) on three tracks “Gud Weed’, “Waiting on my Moment”  and “Hangover” which also featured BIGG TRAV. TEDDY P delivers something unique and epic to all three tracks with his strong vocals and smooth flow. MOE TURK delivered to us a great mix tape in which we can really hear the growth in his work. The young rapper tells a story in each track that gives you a taste of his grind, hard work and him basically just enjoying life. Flight 663 is without a doubt a banger, no need to skip tracks or fast forward. It was a little hard to choose a favorite track but, “Gud Weed”, “Hangover”, and “Rememba Me” a track where MOE TURK gets a little more personal, I can admit to be a favorite. The ability to get personal, tell a story, deliver a message and still compose great music is unquestionable talent. Roll up some good, pour up some drank and just vibe to Flight 663.

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