Collection Plate – KOOLEY JONES ( @KOOLEYJONES) feat. G.R (@GR_57Until)

KOOLEY JONES blesses us once again with ‘Collection Plate’ which features KOOLEY JONES‘s very own ’57 Until’ artist G.R. In ‘Collection Plate’, KOOLEY JONES and G.R both touch base on a very relatable topic, the topic of the struggle. Everyone goes through a struggle from a personal one, to the struggle to triumph, even a more sexual one. KOOLEY JONES and G.R both spit about the struggle of life along side what society portrays to be the look of ‘success’, but regardless of the struggle never losing faith. “A bunch of struggles and hardships in that place that I live but I’m walking on faith ‘til I’m no longer here” KOOLEY JONES definitely delivers this message from the heart and in a clever way that many can understand and relate too. KOOLEY JONES and G.R’s collaboration on this track ‘Collection Plate’ in my opinion is are pretty clever, especially in the way it can touch a mass of different people. I believe it will be a definite classic! If you haven’t done so already check out KOOLEY JONES project ‘ Jack Daniels and Money Schemes’ and G.R’s latest mix tape Black Bird in the Rain’.

Check out Collection Plate:







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