[Visual Alert] Be Great – ICE BERG (@ICEBERG305)

Ice Berg is playing no games, releasing another video, Be Great off his latest project Rise to Power. Be Great is one of my favorite songs on the whole mix tape. Ice Berg gets a little personal on this track, spitting about a time in his career when he felt like calling quits. I believe we can all relate to this feeling. Fortunately with a right team (LiveHouse) Ice Berg was able to realize that he must keep going. “Real n*ggas never quit, we just adjust and adapt”. Be Great is a track you can listen and use as motivation on those days you may feel like giving up. This video gives us an inside look on how Ice Berg works in the studio, being that it seems to have been shot during an actual session. Very simple visual, but I believe it to be very suiting for such a strong and powerful track like this one. If you haven’t done so already I recommend you download Rise to Power and be on the look out for Self Made 3 in which Ice Berg will be featured on dropping September 17!
” Be great young n*gga, Be great” – @IceBerg305

Check out Ice Bergs visual for Be Great:

Follow Ice Berg:
Twitter: @IceBerg305


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