Ivy League Royale graces us a with a visual for his newest track ‘Ivy League Royalty’  produced by the talented A TEAM.  Ivy League never ceases to amaze so why would this track be any different? Ivy League always spitting nothing but the truth. He spits about the hard work him and his team been putting in. Ivy League always delivers nothing but perfection, with his smooth flow and the confidence of any great artist. Ivy League lets it be known on Ivy League Royalty that he has big plans for the game, and nobody is stopping him and his team. Not caring what anybody has to say, he is in this rap game to win, big dreams ” guaranteed top ten hip hop best coming” those are some pretty strong words but I expect nothing less from the talented artists,  IVY LEAGUE and the gang. This visual was shot in a few spots in South Florida, including Florida Atlantic University which is the original stomping ground of Ivy League being  that he did graduate  from a FAU. Ivy League Royalty is just a little a something to keep us calm until IVY LEAGUE  drops ‘Midnight Paradise’ no date has been announced, but be on the lookout.

” you know the strong move quiet, the weak start riots”  –@The305IVYLEAGUE

Check out the visual for Ivy League Royalty:

and/or listen here:

Keep up with Ivy League Royalty:

Twitter: @the305IVYLEAGUE


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