2013 without question has been an awesome year for KOOLEY JONES when it comes to music. KOOLEY JONES releases his 2nd EP of the year only 3 months after dropping his mix tape Jack Daniels and Money Schemes. KOOLEY JONES releases ATRIUM which is a 6 track EP solely produced by the great TRILLA. The KOOLEY JONES and TRILLA collaboration is brilliant! TRILLA brings a soulful but still urban feel, while KOOLEY JONES as always spits the realist bars that us as listeners, and supporters can love, understand and relate too. ATRIUM ( Jazz at the Gardens) is the first track off ATRIUM, KOOLEY JONES is spitting knowledge & truth with each bar. ” No Sleep til Death” isn’t just the new motto but also a lifestyle. Ex.O is the second track, KOOLEY raps about people just being ordinary and doing the things that everybody is already doing. Being that “Fly Nigga” is ordinary but the flyness KOOLEY possesses is definitely ‘ extra ordinary’. TRILLA’s production on this banger is pretty ‘extra ordinary ‘! Nothing you’ve heard before. Mr.Turner (Jack the Answer) is dope track, I believe to be one of those tracks you can hear a story in, in this track KOOLEY raps about that feeling of being drunk and not wanting to stay sober. The hook very much explains that sometimes we as the human population may use liquor in this situation Jack Daniels as the answer to our problems. GXLD, is that track that has a catchy hook, rhythm, and on point delivery. GXLD is the get hype track off this EP, the one you’ll want to see a visual or see being performed live. GXLD is a dope track something you can definitely rock too in the club, at a party or in the car. The word play used on this track is phenomenal and the flow is just too smooth. Definitely hoping to see a visual soon. ATRIUM ends on a strong note with my favorite track GodFather State of Mind! I am really big on loyalty, and hard work this track is that and more. KOOLEY ends this EP off with one the realist 16 bars I’ve heard. He spits fire, with his flow and delivery always on point KOOLEY snapped, you can’t forget TRILLA though the production on this track is impeccable. Hats off to both artist!

Checkout ATRIUM:

Download ATRIUM and receive [BONUS] tracks:





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