To hear a song and literally feel the emotion the artist put on the track is simply amazing. KOOLEY JONES hops on the Don’t Kill My Vibe track and snaps! KOOLEY spits from the heart, emotion all in the booth. Letting it be known that no matter what his vibe can NEVER EVER be killed, he raps about the struggle, the ambition and the reality of life. As always KOOLEY says it the best way he knows how, through his music. Never disappointing, wordplay and delivery on point. “I leave em in disbelief, like that rose from the concrete” We have our own image of how we may expect our lives to be, in reality it doesn’t always happen that way, but KOOLEY lets it be known that even that would never kill his vibe, ambition & love for the game!

Check out KOOLEY JONES NEVER EVER ( Bitck Don’t Kill my Vibe freestyle:


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