Mobb Music Documentary Trailer FEAT. BOSS BRE (@BOSS43DAWIRE) DIRECTED BY: (@1peterparker_)

BOSS BRE, is working hard on his FIRST official EP titled MOBB MUSIC, no date has been disclosed yet. Like most of you know there’s a lot of work in putting together a notable project, rather it be a school project or in this case an EP. BOSS BRE takes us on a behind the scenes view on the road to MOBB MUSIC. From the six-hour studio sessions, to dealing with real life hardships, not losing focus and balancing family time. No script, no acting just a real documentary on a “BOSS” and what it takes to complete the journey of MOBB MUSIC. This is just a short trailer directed by one of the best hardworking and talented film makers I’ve come across thus far, PETER-PARKER. PETER-PARKER, films local Miami artist BOSS BRE, on his road to greatness, from the blood, sweat and tears its all apart of the game. BOSS speaks a little on MOBB LIFE, MOBB MUSIC and how the name DA MOBB originated. I was able to witness this artist at work in the studio, and I can without a doubt say, he is a very dedicated artist, the vibe in the room was incredible, from the love he received from his team/family DA MOBB and the way he works hands on with the engineers to ensure everything is perfect. BOSS BRE has a lot in store for us, from the full documentary of MOBB MUSIC, upcoming shows and of course releasing his very first EP MOBB MUSIC,


Follow BOSS BRE:

Twitter: @BOSS43DAWIRE


Twitter: @1peterparker_


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