JosEscobars gets pretty open on his first single ‘All on Me’ off his upcoming project G.U.M.P Great Under Major Pressure scheduled to be released December 2, 2013. Jose collaborates with SB,  both artists get pretty personal on ‘All on Me’. “Speaking true facts, nigga this just ain’t rap” JOSE is on the first verse spitting his story, how easy it is to have everything you’ve always dreamed of and than easily losing it. Buts its all on him to push it to the limit and get it all back, non stop grind. SB jumps on the second verse, and rips it rapping about his up bringing and just wanting more for him and his family. “On the road to riches i’ma make it out, I ‘got a drive for success, bitch i’m gon make a route” – SB The hook on this track is catchy but says a lot, just pushing yourself to the limit, non stop grind.  JosEscobars and SB both get on this track and kill it, with each bar you can hear the hunger in their voice, they want in their bars. The production is pretty dope on this track, a definite head bobber, shout to the producer J.Giron. Check out ALL ON ME & lock in DEC 2, 2013 for the release of G.U.M.P Great Under Major Pressure. 

All on Me – 





Twitter- @SantBeezy


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