BOSS BRE  hops on DRAKES Tuscan Leather’ instrumental and blesses us with 60 straight bars, no hook, uncut straight rap! BOSS has been killing these freestyles lately, now dropping in my opinion, one of his hardest bars to date. BOSS gets in the booth and snaps, spitting straight  from the heart you can really hear his hunger and love for the game. BOSS,  lets a couple of things be known on this track. Starting off by explaining that he is a ‘boss’ in every sense, starting from the bottom,and now making the moves and putting in the work for him and his team. BOSS definitely uses this track to address the haters and doubters, that nothing is given, every move is from hard work and dedication. Venting about the ‘friends’ you lose on the way to the top but not caring because he is confident in  what his future holds. Staying real, putting in working, and showing love to the  ones who remained true and loyal to him. BOSS definitely raps with a confidence, and tone that lets you know he means straight business! Transitioning so smoothly from topic to topic you have no choice but to bob your head and just take in every word. The anticipation for BOSS’s first ever EP  titled MOBB MUSIC due to drop early 2014  rises with each track he drops. So stay tuned foe that.

” No deals, no bargains, real rap no gimmick they rap, i’m a rap artist” – BOSS BRE 

Check out TUSCAN LEATHER freestyle:


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