PHRESH releases his first single ‘Paid in Full’ off highly anticipated mix tape ‘Miami Life Reloaded’ which is said to be released early 2014. PHRESH like always snaps on this dope and fulfilling to the ear production. PHRESH spits the truth, using his crazy word play and punch lines. Speaking about that money, from making it, having it, and spending it. PHRESH lets us know that he knows and understands what it takes to get that bread. Fulfilling those dreams of having that Bugatti in his garage, owning his house by 28 and etc. Never forgetting where he came from, but never allowing it to hold him back. Staying true to himself and the ones that have always had his back, staying loyal through it all.Paid in Full is one of those tracks as an upcoming artist you go back to say, yes I did exactly what I set out to do and more, from the cars, to the bank account statements, and or course staying true and humble. PHRESH never ceases to amaze with his music. Definitely excited to see what else he has in stores with Miami Life Reloaded.

Check out Paid in Full :


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