LIL DRED, drops ‘The End’ which is his first track of the new year.  LIL DRED is an incredible artist who has the ability to open up to his listeners, giving us some insight about himself, while still keeping us interested with his crazy rap skills. LIL DRED possess an  insane word play, and raps with such a smooth flow.  Listening to this track you can hear the truth in each bar, and the hunger in his voice. DRED gets on this beat and just raps, straight facts, no hook.  He gets a little personal, and lets us know what and why he grinds so hard. DRED spits about his non stop grind, the want and need to make it in the industry and accomplish all  his goals. Letting it be known that he is putting in the work, and isn’t stopping until ‘the end’. He knows what needs to be done to make all his dreams come alive, and he isn’t allowing anything to get in the way of that, which separates him from the rest.

“See everybody can dream it, but everybody can’t live it” – Lil Dred

Check out  LIL DRED ‘The End’ –


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