“A masterpiece couldn’t wait” After pushing back the original date, Rick Ross finally releases the highly anticipated album ‘Mastermind’ and a day early at that. I was able to attend the private listening party in Miami last Sunday and I can safely say I wasn’t disappointed. A masterpiece is definitely what Ross delivers with this album. Mastermind is Rick Ross’s 6th studio album, and without a doubt I can clearly see the growth in his lyrics, production and even the promotion for this album.Mastermind encloses a variety of different producers which brings a diverse vibe to each track. Ross has always done a pretty good job at picking some extra ordinary beats. Mastermind contains a lot of trumpets and horns but never lacking the use of snares and hard thumping bass.

Mastermind opens up with its Maybach music intro, playing back snippets of a couple Rick Ross classics which I believe is to remind us why Ross holds a place as one of the many talented artists in the game right now.Rich Is Gangsta is a track where Ross spits his story letting it be known that nothing is free, and his rich is gangsta. Regardless of whatever we heard in the past. “Feds tore apart the squad, nigga That’s why I had to play the part, nigga That wasn’t me, it was a job, nigga It gets deeper, that was just a start, nigga” Ross expresses and clears up some rumors of why he took the job as a correctional officer.Drug Dealers Dream is a track where he speaks on his past and reflects on what he always wanted and where he is now. Acknowledging he came too far to look back. Nobody contains the first feature on the album which is by French Montana. Nobody is a tribute to the late Notorious B.I.G. Nobody samples the last track of Biggies ‘Life after Death’. In this track you have Puff Daddy preaching some inspirational and motivational words. French Montana delivering a unique flow that makes this song even that better. Of course Rick Ross kills it and gets his words heard. “Your nobody til somebody kills you”. Devil is a Lie features Jay Z. It is known when these two get together it’s always a classic. Both spitting about their success, and not allowing anyone to hinder their current success. Regardless doing their thing in the game and if you care to argue that “the devil is a lie”. Mafia Music III has a reggae arrangement, with features from reggae sensations Mavado and Sizzla. This track is different from what Ross usually gives us, but he doesn’t fail to deliver just as hard. With 2 very talented artists featuring on this track it has got to be one of my favorites. I love the reggae feel, which takes Ross out of his comfort zone and allows him to show us that this “Boss” is talented in any genre. War Ready without a doubt was the most anticipated track on the album due to its feature with Young Jeezy. Ross and Jeezy were able to put aside the beef and create a classic. The smooth flow on ‘What a Shame’ is real nice and features French Montana. Ross is doing what he is known to do, spitting some crazy bars and a good delivery to match the smooth flow of this track.  In my opinion, Supreme has one of the best productions on the entire album. It’s brilliant! Super producer, Scott Storch definitely did a number on this one. Ross did exactly what was expected of him with this track, proved himself to be a Boss in the game, an instrumental murderer. Blk & Wht takes us back to the old school, throw back Rozay. Rapping about the street life, and in a way that keeps our attention. “Young nigga black, but he selling white”.  In Vein, featured and produced by The Weeknd, is another track that I feel its production is amazing. This collaboration is also one of my favorites, the chemistry between Ross and The Weeknd is epic. This track is unique from the rest but still fits perfectly in this masterpiece. Rick Ross kills the beat, spitting real smooth, riding the beat perfectly. Sanctified, has a real soulful vibe, with the legendary Betty Wright singing, her voice is flawlessly amazing. Sanctified, featuring Kanye West and Big Sean two big names in the industry right now. Kanye West gives us the vibe of the old school Kanye, which I can’t complain about. Big Sean brings the heat, and makes sure to kill this track, and get his bars heard.  Not allowing the names of these 2 big artists takes away from his talent. Rozay kills it, not allowing others to take the shine off his track. He spits his verse, killing the beat, and reminding us why he calls himself a “Boss”. MMG’s very own Meek Mill gets on the next track Walkin’ on Air and demolishes it. Like always the delivery is strong, on point and quick. Whenever these two MMG superstars, Rick Ross and Meek Mill get together, it’s nothing but great music. Last but not least, Lil Wayne joins Rick Ross on Thug Cry. I would say this is one of Lil Wayne’s hardest verses in a while; regardless I am still a fan and supporter of Lil Wanye. Rozay closes out this masterpiece just right, with this track. This collaboration as well was great. Both artists reminded us why we consider them of the best in the game right now.

Mastermind, is with no doubt a masterpiece. The wait was well worth it. The production was simply astonishing, each artist featured cleverly played a great role in this piece.  Puffy did a delightful job being the co-executive producer and engineering the final mix. Puffy and  Rick Ross both work phenomenally well together in putting together this masterpiece.



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