Billy Blue x Simply Annick
Billy Blue x Simply Annick

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Billy Blue’s private listening party for his soon to be released project ‘RN24’ at the Clinton Hotel. In the past few months I have attended many different listening parties, all unique from the last. I can honestly say this has to be one of my favorite listening parties to date. The vibe in the building was so positive, so much networking going on throughout the night. Many different faces in the industry were out to support Billy Blue. It was great to see DJs, artists, producers, and other faces in the music scene all in one building uniting to support. I had a chance to meet and quickly chop it up with Billy Blue himself, very humble, down to earth and funny man. When Billy Blue spoke to his supporters you could really hear and feel the sincerity in his words, the passion he has for the game and love for his new project RN24. I have no doubt the fans will enjoy his latest masterpiece. You can really hear the growth, and feel his confidence throughout this project. I can easily see this album being blasted in my car, iPod, etc. Stay tuned for the release of RN24.


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