At a young age we are told to work hard, and always follow our dreams. Well 17-year-old, RoseGold, is without a doubt doing just that! RoseGold is an artist out of Miami, who has recently released his first project ever titled ‘MIA’. MIA is a short 5 track EP where RoseGold, displays his undeniable talents. He spits about the grind, the ups and downs of making it in the game, and the love he has for his city. RoseGold might be young, but his flow, delivery, and the content of his lyrics, proves to us that age is nothing but a number. RoseGold gets deep on the first track ‘Born N Raised’. He spits about the reality of being “born and raised” in Miami. He takes a different approach, both the word play and delivery are insane. The hook on this track has to be one of my favorites, catchy and clever. One of my favorite tracks on this one of a kind project is definitely ‘No Favors’ featuring KTLN. No Favors is a track that I can relate too. “I do it out love, so you don’t owe me no favors..”. RoseGold speaks about the music he makes and why he does it. Doing things out of love and passion for the game, not allowing others to take that from him. He spits being one of  the best, working hard and getting things done. Not expecting or accepting handouts from the outsiders. He also raps about the road to success, you come across people and speed bumps who try to take you away from your passion. But as long as you do it for the love you owe no favors. RoseGold takes us through his vision, his dreams, and his life in under 20 minutes. He expresses to us what it’s like growing up in Miami, following your dreams, and living life.He possess so much ambition at such a young age it is remarkable. RoseGold shows us that he can hop on a beat, and do some damage. Expressing his self through his music is something that comes easy for this young artist. Still learning and growing I’ve said it once and I will say it again he has what it takes to be one of the best to make it out of the MIA. Ya’ll stay in tuned with artist and check out his first project ever MIA.

MIA (EP) RoseGold


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