Kejuan Famous of Splash Gang releases ‘What You Heard’ off the ‘Fxck Fame’ mix tape. Fxck Fame is rumored to be released sometime this summer. What You Heard features Lil Dred and J Rockwell.  Kejuan opens up the track with the first verse, his flow and delivery is effortlessly flawless. Kejuan spits about the determination and want in accomplishing all his goals. He keeps it real, no pump faking. Working hard, grinding and doing what it takes. Not allowing the fame and the haters to hinder his future. Lil Dred gets on the hook and second verse. Lil Dred spits about the love for the game, you know the love that keeps you going through the hard times, long nights and early mornings. He spits about his dreams, his goals, and the appreciation he has for his support system. Being in the game you come across a lot of fake and phony people, as long as you always keep it G and continue grinding no matter what you will see the positive results. J Rockwell, gets on the track and lets us know that he’s focused on the money, no time for the pump fakers. Going hard, grinding doing what it takes so he will never have to want for a thing again. He has dreams of taking care of his family, no more starving. All three of these young dudes hop on ‘What You Heard’ and spit about ambition, determination and their grind. Each taking a different approach, but all delivering the same message. Work hard, stay true to yourself, ignore the heaters and you will see the results. I can truly relate to this track, great collaboration and message.  Be on the look for Kejuan’s mix tape Fxck Fame. I am truly excited to hear what else he has to offer with that project!




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