Young Fi dropped his video for ‘JumpMan’ featuring two of Miami’s talented young bulls Lil Dred and Yung Quay. JumpMan was directed by Bones Vision. I was simply on the scene at this video shoot surrounded by supporters of each artist. The love on scene was surreal with everyone coming from different parts of Miami to show love to a few of their favorite artists. Seeing Young Fi take so much pride in his craft, and what he brings to his audience was dope. Salute to him and his hard work. JumpMan has a nice flow to it, the beat gets you hype like you’re in the game yourself makes you want to shake something or show off your two steps. The video shoot was dope, the vibe on and off cameras was fun and hype! I really enjoyed being able to witness 3 of Miami’s own come together. Yung Quay opens up the track with the catchy hook spitting ‘Niggas say they on way, I’m up next man I’m in the game like JUMPMAN’. He plans on being like the legendary jumpman himself putting on for the city. Young Fi goes in on the first verse, reminding us he’s been that fly young dude making moves in the game. He lets us know the gang; Nation Gang that is, is playing no games this go around. Lil Dred goes in on the second verse straight snapping, referring to himself as the ‘rookie of the year of the year, can’t argue that’ who can disagree? Each artist is heavy in the game, like JumpMan, using that as a reference to the legendary Michael Jordan. Well, why not? They are all putting in the work, grinding, and spitting facts only!



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