Flo Kid, also known as the North Miami Beach Savior drops a visual for his latest single ‘Crooks’. Crooks’ was shot and edited by Sam Brave. Sam Brave shoots and directs a simple, but dope visual. I was on the scene at the video shoot and was able to see this young and talented artist at work. Being able to witness Flo Kid at work behind the scenes was great. He takes so much pride in what he does, and I respect and support him for all his efforts. This is a track where Flo spits about the different aspects of a crook. Wordplay crazy, like always. At the end of the video Flo Kid gives us a quick snippet of his freestyle for ‘0 to 100’. Never disappointing, always leaving me in disbelief with the way he’s able to put his words together and keep us yearning for more. With each bar and each verse Flo Kid always goes harder than the last time. Remaining one of the top upcoming artists, in my book out Miami. No questions in my mind that he will continue to pave the way in the streets of Miami.

Crooks – Flo Kid  Directed by Sam Brave


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