I was able to attend ‘WakeUp Wynwood’ at TSL Lounge. I stepped on the scene and the music was blasting, people drinking, vibing, dancing and mingling before the performances began. DJ BRE was on the ones and twos getting the crowd hype playing a dope mix, including some old 90’s hits, new hits and of course some of Miami’s very own, dance music like the ‘Bobble Walk’. The crowd went crazy and enjoyed every second of it. DJ BRE made sure to keep the crowd hype, and did an awesome job with maintaining the crowds energy and attention.

I was extremely excited to have been able to meet and witness so many different artist perform. Some of the artist I was already familiar with their work, but never had the opportunity to see them perform live and meet them face to face. I was also able to meet and exchange contact information with artists that were on the scene performing or supporting. The aura that Sunday, wasgreat. I enjoyed each and every performance. The artist did their thing on the mic. Wake Up Star did an awesome job putting together an epic event.


Keep up with Wake Up Star on twitter: @Wakeupstar


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