LIL DRED recently released his four tracks EP ‘Hosted by the Streets’. Yes, you read correct, four tracks. But in four tracks we were able to hear four different sides of this tremendously gifted Miami artist.

LIL DRED opened up Hosted by the Streets with ‘Take Em Back’. This track is where LIL DRED spits about growing up in Miami, taking us back to his childhood.

‘No Shone’ featuring Chad, is the second track on Hosted by the StreetsNo Shone is what some would consider LIL DRED’S breakthrough track. No Shone can be heard playing in some of Miami’s hottest clubs and radio stations. No questions, this is a club banger. This track can be purchased on iTunes.

Revenge’ is a never before heard track, produced by super brilliant producer Audio Jones. LIL DRED spits straight from the heart on this track. Spitting about the struggles we come across in the cold world we live in. This track is unlike the other tracks on this project. You can hear the pain, the love, and the emotion in each bar, each word, and each verse. We can all relate to this track in different ways. We all go through different hardships, we all have to survive, we all want to make it on top, and we all want revenge. Revenge on life, in the sense of coming back stronger from what life throws at us. In the hook LIL DRED reminds us that no matter what we must remain tough. Strive for greatness and keep pushing.

‘Dripping in Gold’ is the last track on Hosted by the Streets. Never before heard, and also produced by Audio Jones. Dripping in Gold, is a catchy track. With a dope beat and worthy rhymes you definitely catch yourself vibing hard to. LIL DRED spits about doing what he has to do to provide, and make it on top. He pushes forward and uses everything around him as lesson, as drive. This track is more than just about the gold chains, and gold grills. It’s about being patient, remaining humble, and going after your dreams. Working hard to get that “all gold chain” you want, or providing for your family, and being the person that your city looks up too. Never stopping, building an empire and name for yourself, your family and your team. Like DRED says we are witnessing greatness, legend in the making. This is a track I would love to have a visual for.

LIL DRED is an artist who doesn’t focus on delivering punch lines, but about telling his story. We are able to see life through his eyes and his eyes only. Like I’ve said before LIL DRED, has a way of giving us his story in a way that we either relate or understand, a way that keeps us yearning for more. As a fan I ask only four tracks? Where’s the rest. But with these 4 tracks we were able to see 4 sides of this talented artist. Imagine when we get a full mix tape, until than check out ‘Hosted by the Streets’ and purchase the hit single ‘No Shone’ on iTunes.

Download ‘Hosted by the Streets’ – http://www.datpiff.com/Lil-Dred-Hosted-By-The-Streets-mixtape.646623.html

Sound cloud – TheRealLilDred


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