Stamped in the Streetz Artist Showcase was brought to us by DJ Meat and the Stamped in the Streetz team. This dope event was hosted by the fabulous Supa Cindy of 99 Jamz.  I was extremely excited to be back on the scene, especially knowing that I would be surrounded by so many talented and hungry artist. DJ Meat presented these artist with a great opportunity to showcase their talent to new faces, as well in to the celebrity guest panel. The celebrity guest panel included Gun Play of MMG, Miami’s own Billy Blue, Slip and Slide records. The judges didn’t only partake in judging the winner of the prizes which included free month of radio spins and online promotion, but they were also giving all the artist in the building some advice and feedback. Each artist, did their thing and represented on stage.  From Miami, to Port St Lucie, they showed up and showed out. The music was on point all night, shout to the stamped in the streets DJs. After all the artist performed we were blessed with two epic performances from both Gun Play and Billy Blue. This was a huge shocker for the audience, and we all went crazy with excitement! It was an awesome way to end an already eventful event. The winners of this showcase were the one and only QUEST out of Port St Lucie. The judges did an incredible job in choosing the winner. QUEST, performance was off the chain, and definitely stood apart from the others.  They captivated the artist, kept  our attention and represented for their city. They without dispute deserved first place. DJ Meat and his team put together a flawless event.

Keep up with DJ Meat: @DjMeat


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