On September 12, Lil Dred dropped his EP ‘Hosted by the Streets’. That following day he had a Meet and Greet at the official 8and9 Showroom. Not only was this a meet and greet it was also a listening event for Lil Dred’s brand new EP. Lil Dred took pictures, signed autographs and gave out copies of Hosted by the Streets to all the fans and supporters. I made sure to grab a few copies. The vibe was incredible throughout the whole afternoon. DJ Stunna was on the 1’s and 2’s spinning the hottest tracks. He kept the crowd going throughout the whole event. After taking pictures and chopping it up with his supporters, Lil Dred began playing the EP. He explained each and every track, even gave us a little show. Having him explain what went down in making this project was pretty cool and quite interesting. You can hear in his voice that he put his blood, sweat and tears in this four track EP. Lil Dred without a doubt enjoys what he does; it shows greatly in his music and in his demeanour.  After the event, Lil Dred and I were able to chop it up for an exclusive interview. He explained how it was picking the never before heard tracks for the EP, hearing his self on the radio for the first time and more.

I’d like to give a quick thank you to my cameraman Sant Beezy of Sant Beezy Films. Need a video? Book him. Email: J.Umanzor00@aim.com

Watch the interview here:


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