FLO KID proves once again why he has been named theNMB Savior”. FLO KID takes his talent to another level with his latest track ‘Long Live JoZon Eminem’s “Mockingbird” instrumental. This track is a dedication to his older brother JoZ, who was recently murdered in these viscous Miami streets. FLO KID literally puts it all into this song. With each verse, and every bar you can literally feel the emotion, the pain, the love and strength he possesses. We all go through different hardships in life, but losing someone has to be one of the hardest in my opinion. FLO KID has his own story but with such talent he was able to tell us his story, and still remain relatable to his listeners. Making music for your own personal release, but at the same time making music for the people to understand and relate too is without question, major talent. I salute FLO KID, for this track, I can imagine how much it took to record such a touching song. Long Live JoZ is also a track with a message with lines like “every niggga with a gun aint G” and “blacks killing blacks all these niggas are possessed less work for the whites”. We need to do better, there are literally more funerals than weddings, and graduations now a days!




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