D MAC is playing no games when releasing his six track EP ‘Sunny Isles’ featuring two of Miami’s own Prez P and Trick Jr. D MAC uniquely puts together Sunny Isles as a way to show love and give us an insight of sunny isle’s Miami through his eyes. D MAC not only gives us his prospective of the beautiful woman, great beaches and dope spots Miami has to offer, he goes deeper and reveals the pain, the struggle, that Miami is about. Living in a city that many come to visit is pretty insane, but also gives off a huge misunderstanding. D MAC lets it be known that Miami is about the cliché South Beach, and the beautiful diverse women but also it has a whole other side.  Which is easily forgotten when speaking of this captivating city. Each of the six tracks on this project illustrates a picture for its listeners. Choosing a favorite track off Sunny Isle’s was somewhat challenging, each track was on point in displaying the love and admiration that the artists have for Miami. But with no hesitation ‘What’s Good’ is a great track. From its tasteful production, crazy collaboration with Prez P, and of course its sick word play. Prez P paints the best picture, when spitting about both sides of Miami with lines like “but right outside where the heat play, that’s where the bums stay”. Grasping the fact that we are exposed to so many different things makes us hungrier, stronger and more ambitious. We celebrities on a daily, we have places like south beach and Star Island but we still have places like Overtown with poverty literally down the street where the Miami Heat plays. It makes us different from the norm. The last track ‘Summer All Year’  featuring Trick Jr, has a different sound to it. Trick Jr adds his unique flow to this project which ends this project off greatly. Spitting on the hustle and grind of us Miami natives lifestyles. D MAC did a great job in displaying his love for Miami. Portraying the good and the bad. But more importantly letting it be known that us Miami natives get it off the muscle no matter what, we handle business.

Check out Sunny Isles :


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