As an underground music blogger I love attending artists show cases, especially in Miami. Miami has so much talent to offer, it’s incredible. I always find myself learning about a different upcoming artist at these events. This past Sunday, GOODGUYZU and LOUD PAC presented us Sour Juice, which was an Indie showcase at The Stage Miami. The music was on point all night, had everyone vibing hard. Shout out to DJ E – Money on the 1s’ and 2’s. Sour Juice was hosted by special guest emerging artists Bizzy Crook and Yung Simmie. I was extremely excited about this because I never got the opportunity to watch them rock the stage before. Both artists killed the stage with their stellar performances. The lineup for Sour Juice was definitely some of Miami’s hottest Indies artists. I left there adding some new artist to my sound cloud playlists. There was so much love, support and talent in the building. Each artist to hit the stage offered something different, and had the crowd rocking. One of Miami’s hottest names, Ice Billion Berg, was even on the scene showing support to the locals and checking out the talent. The lineup was crazy, the support was incredible, and the music was on point. I loved every minute of that night, and can’t until the next Sour Juice, hopefully soon.


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