Ocean Drive Jeff drops his track ‘Run Around’ featuring Prez P. Run Around is without a doubt, a song that most of us can relate too. From the clever production, to the distinctive tones of both artists this track is definitely one that has been on repeat all day. Ocean Drive Jeff and Prez P are two emerging artists out of Miami who collaborate and paint a vivid portrait for the listeners. Run Around is about that one relationship, you can’t get enough of. After the honeymoon stage once everything gets hectic, torn between the good and the bad, what’s right and what’s wrong. We find ourselves questioning, do we stay or do we go? Do we fight, or do we break up? Ocean Drive Jeff and Prez P get on this track and paint a picture through their rhymes of their own relatable situations. Not wanting to be the one to hurt the one you care for, but not knowing what to do and not wanting to leave. In their own styles they talk about moving on, instead of giving the “run around”. Ocean Drive Jeff and Prez P are two very talented artist who collaborate and make a personable track that I know I can relate, understand and vibe too.


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