JIGG ended 2014 with an undeniable bang. JIGG shut down Art Basel with his very own JIGG Basel. This was an epic block party celebrating and watching a moral of this local Miami artist being painted in the middle of Wynwood. Crazy right? It was an honor being able to witness such history. But it doesn’t end there. JIGG Miami’s very own starts the new year hopping on J Coles January 28th instrumental, renames it Jan 5th and snaps. JIGG keeps a nice and smooth tone throughout the whole track, taking us on a ride inside his head. JIGG gets on this track and gives us everything raw, straight rap, holding nothing back. He gives us a look into his life, a piece of his inner thoughts, and just gets to rapping. He opens up and tells us a piece of his story, in each word you can hear the hunger and desire. JIGG is an artist ive come to respect, not only does he spit his words so effortlessly, but he is also a hard-working, and humble artist. Paving his own way in the road to success.

Check out JIGG in Jan 5th


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