ZOEY DOLLAZ drops the unofficial music video for one of the hottest songs on the radio ‘She Rather Party’. ZOEY DOLLAZ, tells us a story about a lady who caught his interest, but instead of settling down “she rather party” and be out in the clubs having a good time. In this video you see ZOEY approaching this girl, and she’s just brushing him off. Obviously not mature enough for the commitment of a relationship. ZOEY still ends up falling in love, and even though she’s out there partying he can’t shake this feeling. This video shows her having fun, partying and clearly doing her. While on the other hand, ZOEY Is expressing his feelings, but in the ends gets hurt and lets her go. This track along with the video is very relatable. We’ve all been in situations where we wanted someone who wasn’t ready to settle down. It’s always a crazy situation once feelings are involved. But the best thing to do is to just let them go and do them, if that’s what’s making them happy. She Rather Party was directed by Robert Mario who did a great job in displaying this story.

Directed by: ROBERT MARIO


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