Brilliant, is the best way to describe JIGG. JIGG is known for not taking the cliche’ route to success.  He delivers to his audience outside the box. JIGG surprises us with ‘Sweet 16’ which is a mix tape that contains, his hottest, and sweetest 16 bars. Haha, ” Sweet 16″. Not only does he put together his hottest 16, he partners up with Miami’s very own Fat and Funny. Fat and Funny, is a comedian, who adds a unique but brilliant twist to the mix tape. With his humor, and skits throughout the tape, all you can do is sit back and just vibe.   Sweet 16, highlights JIGG’s ability to hop on any track and kill it. Raping about a plethora of different things. Sweet 16 was brought us by K Murda and DJ H2, executive produced by DJ Folk. If you aren’t familiar with this dope Miami artist, you need to get familiar and check out ‘Sweet 16’. Guarantee, you won’t regret it.



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