MIA JAM FEST! I don’t even know where to begin. 2nd annual MIA JAM FEST 2015, without question was an EPIC event. From the press party, to the actual event flawless. There’s so much incredible talent in Miami, and a lot of folks are unaware of this. This event, capitalized on this and more. Uniting art in Miami, under one roof. MIA JAM FEST brought out rappers, singers, models, fashion designers and more. The press party, the night before the actual event was a great idea. It gave media, fans an artists a chance to get that one on one interaction with one another. It displayed just a small snippet of what to expect for the following day. But in actuality nothing would’ve been able to prepare us for this. The set up was so nice, the VIP section, the run away, everything. I can’t even touch bases on everything. This event was literally flawless. Miami Underground Scene was definitely in the building, This was a great platform to showcase all of the incredible talent surrounding our city. I am really excited to have been able to witness something so great in a city where the outsiders believe all we have to offer is  South Beach. MIA JAM FEST, was hosted by Close Friend Web Series star, Julian of 2K Life and 103.5 The Beats, Stichiz. Music throughout the event was brought to you by the one and only DJ BRE. This event definitely my eyes up to some talented artist, that I have definitely added to my list. I love what the MIA JAM FEST team is doing for our city annually, all the hard work  and dedication has really paid off.  I can’t wait to see what’s in stores next year. Stay tuned and follow MiaJamFest on Twitter and Instagram for all the MiaJamFest updates.


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