ZOEY DOLLAZ does a number with his recent release, the ‘NEW 90’S’ EP! The title alone speaks for itself, but we can’t forget the dope artwork that follows. It’s all been said the 90’s were undeniably the greatest time for the hip hop culture. ZOEY DOLLAZ, goes ahead and shows us that in this day and age, it’s still classic music being made. It’s what he’s calling the ‘New 90’s’. The NEW 90’S project consist of seven tracks. Each track delivering something different from the last.

The intro starts off with ‘One Time’ featuring another hot Miami artist by the name of BIZZY CROOK. Both artists spit about having only ‘One Time’ to get what they’ve been working so hard towards. Not everyone understanding, or accepting of the moves that need to be made to be successful. But they get it, your give one time, and right now it’s theirs.

‘Do Me’ the second track, ZOEY DOLLAZ spits about doing him, remaining focus, and grinding hard. On the road to success we come across a lot of negativity, people trying to sabotage what we have worked so hard to build and road bumps. ZOEY DOLLAZ makes it clear as day he isn’t allowing anyone or anything to hinder his success, nor does he have the time to waste. He’s going to continue doing him, regardless of the outsiders. He has dreams and goals to accomplish.

She Rather Party, was the first single released and the streets loved it. Spinning on the radio stations on heavy rotation. ZOEY, also released an unofficial music video for this track. She Rather Party is a track about a guy who pursues a female, who at that moment isn’t ready for the commitment a relationship brings. She rather enjoy life and have fun as oppose to settling down.

Cancel Her, is a dope up tempo track.  I was able to catch ZOEY DOLLAZ performing Cancel Her live.  The crowd definitely loved it. It’s a track in which he’s just sitting about the troubles he come across dealing with different chicks and their drama. Having to cancel them for their crazy actions and motives. Haha. It happens to  the best of us.

Find a Way, is my second favorite track on NEW 90’S. The beat itself is pretty awesome let alone the flawless bars. ZOEY spits about finding a way, through all the different things that get in the way of his plans. Bills needing to be paid, dreams needing to be made, he’s just trying to find a way. Life gets tough, people turn their backs away, but we still have to find a way to get through it all. Get this money, and remain on the right road to success.

Regrets, is my favorite song on NEW 90’s. ZOEY spits about his regrets in relationships. He admits his mistakes and keeps it real. I alway stress the love and appreciation I have for artists who are able to tell their stories in words that can really appeal to the audience. Regrets, is a track in which ZOEY paints a vivid picture with his words, in a way that many can relate and understand. We all make mistakes, and sometimes it’s to late for us to mend things with who we hurt. This track can relate to the females who have fallen for the “bad boys” and to the “bad boys” themselves.

NEW 90’S ends with the track Situation. Situation is a track where ZOEY raps about those “situations”, not a relationship but a situation. Those situations, when your just kicking it, enjoying each others company without having to throw a title on it. At times those can be the best types of situations for two individuals. Why complicate things over a title? He spits smoothly about his situations with females who I would assume didn’t understand their role and situation. Busy grinding, and making moves, time is of the essence.

NEW 90’S, is a well put together project. Starting with the cover, ending with the lyrics and everything in between. Like I stated earlier, ZOEY did a number with this one. Not falling short, giving us nothing but dope beats, and raw bars. I can say ZOEY DOLLAZ is really showing out for the city. I would live to see some visuals for the intro track One Time featuring BIZZY CROOK and Find a Way. NEW 90’S can be found on sound cloud, purchased on iTunes, or as hard copy through ZOEY DOLLAZ himself. You didn’t hear it from me, but I hear he is signing his hard copies for his supporters.


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