Ice Billion Berg, with no question or debate turned Club Therapy into the Live House for his all white birthday celebration and performance. Walking into Club Therapy, I knew this would be a night to remember. So many different people were in attendance to celebrate Billion’s birthday, from some of his biggest fans to the most well-respected faces of Miami’s hip hop scene. One thing that definitely caught my attention was how diverse the crowd was. That really goes to show us the type of artist that Billion is, making music for people of different walks of life to relate too and enjoy. Taking us back to the days when you didn’t have to go to the strip clubs or Miami Beach to party and enjoy yourself. What he constantly referred to as the “Studio A days”. Not only did Billion bring the city out, he consistently grabbed the mic and interacted with his fans, expressing his appreciation and gratitude. Billion gave us a performance to remember, performing some of his latest tracks off his most recent project Damage is Done, as well as some of his older classics. Rather you’re a new fan, or a fan from the start you were rocking with it. Billion shared the stage with some of Miami’s favorite like Ball GreezyDJ Sam Sneak and ChadBillion gave to us one hell of a performance, you can really feel the love, the appreciation and the satisfaction through each move he made and word he spit on stage that night. The energy in the building was bananas. One things for sure you haven’t really partied until you’ve partied with Live House.


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