Where do I even start with this?  From The Streets 2 The Stage, a concert and birthday celebration for Miami’s own BUNDLES, known for his single FLEXIN‘. BUNDLES decided that this year he was doing things a little differently for his birthday and put together this crazy concert featuring some of Miami’s hardest working artists. DJ ACE did his thing on the 1s & 2s.  Not only did I get to catch some of my favorites perform once again; I also had the pleasure of catching some new acts. All this talent Miami has to offer all under roof, sharing the stage, undeniably took me back. ‘From The Streets 2 The Stage’ was without any doubt an epic event.  It was so many familiar and new faces that night showing love to this epic event and of course to the birthday boy, BUNDLES. From bloggers and photographers, to other artists and DJ’s and most importantly fans supporting some of their favorite Miami artists. BUNDLES had a vision that some may not have understood right away, but by the end of the night it was definitely clear as day. How many artist do you know put together a whole concert, on their birthday an invest money into their city and it’s culture? Not many!’From The Streets 2 The Stage’ had some crazy performances, just to name a few ZOEY DOLLAZ, FLO KID, JIGG, DZ THE RAPPER,  BALL GREEZY, RONNIE VOP, V STUCK, FAT BOY RHYMER and many more. Each artist added their unique touch to the mic and to the stage. Which is another reason why this event was so successful.  It’s not just a statement when I say Miami has so much talent. I strongly believe events like this give artists a chance to network, show their talent, and especially unites the culture. BUNDLES, I thank you again for the invite, the vision I see it and I believe it. Can’t wait to see what else you have under your sleeve.  APRIL 9, 2015,’From The Streets 2 The Stage’ will go down in history! Great job.



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