JIGG does it again, and this time on a Stay Looking Out production. JIGG opens up about his past, his struggle and his come up. JIGG , gets more personal than ever, spitting real rap, no need for the punch lines and metaphors. He takes us on a journey with this track. Regardless of the bumps in the roads, JIGG spits about going hard no matter what. While some try to take the easy way, JIGG takes the stairs, skipping no steps, and taking no short cuts. If you  know me, you know I love stories, and JIGG delivered just that on Stairs. Getting more personal to the point where I can feel, every word and every bar. Stairs bluntly, sets the tone for High Grade 3 which is to be dropping sooner than later. I am more than ecstatic to learn more about one of Miami’s very own, so I without a doubt, will be on the look out for High Grade 3. 

Until then check out Stairs produced by Stay Looking Out:


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