Simply On The Scene at the Texas Entertainment Summit (@TeSummit) with #TeamDred and #CloutAgencyGroup

Texas Entertainment Summit, was undeniably a great, well put together weekend. So many different panel discussions, good advice, and all around credible information. Before I left to Texas with Team Dred, I was eager to see the reaction Lil Dred would receive in Texas. Just as I imagined they loved his music, and overall what he and the whole Team Dred campaign stands for.Team Dred went to Texas with a plan, not knowing what to expect, but knowing that no matter what Dreams Really Evolve Daily, and that we were going to stamp the city.  The first night in Texas we attended an artist showcase at the ‘House of Blues’ in which many different artists from Dallas were apart of. This was the first night that Lil Dred hit the stage, performing Revenge off his EP ‘Hosted By The Streets’. The crowd fell in love with this young Liberty City artist.

Each day there were different panel discussions, discussing different key factors in the industry and performances as well. One of my favorite parts of the summit was when the keynote speaker Ron A. Spaulding of Spaulding Entertainmentt spoke. Spaulding marketed and managed artists like Missy Elliot, Metallica, Jay Z, Tweet, Roberta Flack, and Dr. Dre. He shared his story, tips and valuable knowledge that I have been using since I left Texas. I even got a chance to speak one on one with Spaulding for a few minutes and he shared some important information that I will forever use throughout my journey. Another thing I really appreciated during TeSummit was the fact we were given time to talk to the different speakers one on and one and were able to get more personal with them. I was honored to be published in the TeSummit Official Guidebook for the article I wrote on Lil Dred.

Being in Texas for that short period of time opened my eyes up to a couple different things.  Texas and Miami are very similar as far as the talent goes, both states consist of a lot of different and talented artist who are doing what needs to be done to achieve their dreams. Dallas showed a lot of love to their locals talent, and shared a lot of information that can be used as they grind to make it to the top.The information I was given while at the TeSummit, I can’t wait to share with my peers. One piece of information that I did learn and couldn’t wait to go back and share with you guys  is that the hard copy cd’s are still a major thing in the industry. A lot of us may believe that because of the way the technology is these days , hard copies aren’t as useful. Wrong, it took up about 53% of sales last year which is major in a time like today in which technology a major role. I enjoyed my time in Dallas, and thank everyone who put the TeSummit together. Thank you for the great hospitality you showed Team Dred.


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