CHAD straight out of Miami’s Liberty City, known not only for his incredible talent on the football field, but also for his gift in the booth as a talented rapper and producer. CHAD, really touches base with the senseless acts of violence that’s going on in MiamiCHAD, gets personal and deeper and raps about the two young boys who got shot in Miami’s Overtown back in March. Yes you read correctly, young boys. Marlon, who was only ten years old and Richard who was 16 years old at the time both got shot and murdered blocks away from each other within a few hours. CHAD, raps about the pain growing up in Miami, where unfortunately this is something that happens often. In each and every word he raps and sings, I can say I literally feel the emotion put into this tribute to all his angels. When I first heard this song, I was in shock and in tears. Aside from the tone of CHAD’S voice, his words touched me so deeply I had goosebumps instantly. If you’ve lost someone rather it’s to gun violence, or natural causes you can with no doubt in my mind relate to this song ‘My Angel’s. CHAD took an awful situation and made a song which he also produced himself that not only gives us a small sense of peace, but hope and faith that things will get better in Miami. If you haven’t done so already check out Chad’s ‘My Angels’ & may all our fallen angels Rest In Peace. 


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