FAT BOY RHYMER known for killing the ones and twos at some of Miami’s hottest strip clubs drops his mixtape ‘Back To Booty Music’. BTBM, is exactly that “booty music”. RHYMER starts it off with the first track titled ‘Old Days‘ which explains how he got involved with music. He raps about missing, the “Dade County old days”. RHYMER, often talks about the old school Dade County music that made everyone want to get up and dance. Back To Booty Music, is a mixture of different tracks that includes different songs we can dance too. Miami has always been known for making that good dance music, but as time progressed things changed. RHYMER makes it his business to keep that old Dade County sound alive but adding a new age twist to it. Making that music that gets us back on the dance floor, actually dancing. Back To Booty Music also includes his popular single ‘Petty’ and other tracks that we are familiar with but he remixes it the  FAT BOY RHYMER bootyshaking way. BACK TO BOOTY MUSIC features some of Miami’s hottest artist including ICE BILLION BERG, LIL DRED, YD, SAM SNEAK and more. BACK TO BOOTY MUSIC, reminds us what Miami music is all about, it takes us back to them “Dade County old days”. BTBM, is what you listen to before work, on the way to the club, during a work out or even when your just chilling, cruising in the car. Guarantee you’ll be dancing in your seat.


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