Women of Substance are Back!!  Photographed By: Brianna Strachan

I had no idea on what to expect walking into the ‘Women of Substance are Back Brunch’!  I knew it was an event where women got together, talked and participated in different activities. I can admit that I was nervous. I had my assumptions on what a “women empowerment”event was, and I just knew it wasn’t my thing AT ALL, well at least that’s what I thought. Tierra Traniece  presented us with different activities and discussions, in which we were given the opportunity to speak openly on. Everyone in the room seemed to be so open minded and willing to tell their stories, share their perspectives but in the same breathe listen to others and not pass  judgement.  There was an older woman who shared openly with us her testimony, she let us know that it’s NEVER too late to become a women of substance.  Not only did we get input on a women’s point of view we were lucky to have a man in attendance who shared his thoughts on certain topics. It was great hearing not only what the women in the room had to say, but to also hear a mans prospective. Leaving this event I left understanding more, that my mistakes, my trials, and my down falls are exactly what make me a Women of Substance.  Instead of wondering”Why Me” I should be saying “Why Not Me”.

Tierra Traniece: The Author Photographed by: Brianna Strachan
Tierra Traniece: The Author
Photographed by: Brianna Strachan

Tierra Traniece , your event not only gave me a better understanding on what your brand represents, but it gave me a reason to respect you more, not only as my peer, but as a beautiful black woman of substance. I left the event feeling pretty good that I attended and definitely  looking forward to the next one.  Word of advice to my readers, don’t miss the next event!

To catch up and also keep up with Tierra Traniece, The Author: 

Subscribe to her Blog : www.acup0ftee.com and
YouTube channel : Tierra Thompson


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