The Glass Slipper Affair: Prom Giveaway 

 When I got on board with the Glass Slipper Affair, I had no idea what to expect to be honest I don’t think any of us did. The Glass Slipper Affair was a prom giveaway, where we chose one special young lady and provided her with the prom of her dreams. We received a couple different submissions but, 18-year-old Pierrleline Larose of Miami Edison High stood out from them all. Her story touched each and every one of us. When we made the call that night to let her know she had won, her reaction was priceless and without any doubt insured us that we did in fact made the right choice. The night of prom was chaotic but I was fortunate enough to get a couple minutes with our winner, Pierrleline. She told me about her future plans, and what kept her going through all her hardships. She planned on joining the military, and is currently in bootcamp! I asked her, through all the stress, and hardships how did you remain positive? Her answer ” as cliche as it may sound, you just have to keep going and not give up”.

 Words so simple, yet mean so much. To be honest, this experience was amazing, to see such an intelligent and beautiful young lady be able to enjoy her senior prom night with no worries, no stress, just happiness and confidence brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. We often get caught up in our own lives, doing our own thing. I was privileged enough to be given this opportunity and make a young lady’s dream, come into reality. The smile on her face, after getting dressed was PRICELESS. Who would’ve thought an 18 year high school senior would teach me a lesson? But she did, she taught me no matter what, keep your head up, smile and great things come your way! The Glass Slipper Affair, includeD many different women who each brought to the table their own special talents, from a fashion designer, hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, and much more. Each lady did their best to make sure, this would be an event none of us will ever forget. I want to thank you ladies again for letting me cover the behind the scenes of such a beautiful night, and I can’t wait for next year. Pierrleline told me when she received the call that she had won she thought it was a prank, because she never wins anything. Baby girl, you’re a winner in our eyes indeed! Keep shining, keep striving and be the best you can be!


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