Event Recap: Cyp Squad (@csfoundation37) at Risk Youth Foundation Celebrity Charity Softball Game  

Simply On The Scene with Johnathan Cyprien at his celebrity charity softball game at FIU Baseball Stadium. Johnathan Cyprien of the Jacksonville Jaguars started the Cyp Squad At Risk Youth Foundation in June of 2015. The celebrity softball game was the first of many events to come. It’s great to see a group of different celebrities come together and be involved in something so major. I saw kids from 5000 role models, His House, Boy Scouts, and football teams in attendance. The smiles, and excitement on the children’s faces were priceless. The children in attendance were able to meet, take pictures and get autographs with the different celebrities at the event. The celebrities played a friendly game of softball game for great cause.I was given the chance to talk to Johnathan about the Cyp Squad At Risk Youth Foundation and how it all came about. Cyprien explained that he started the foundation to help the children in our community stay out the streets. Children who are given the choice and opportunity to attend different camps, programs, and play sports are more than likely able to stay out the streets and make the right choices in life. As a young boy he was given the chance, and he believed it helped tremendously in becoming who he is today. Given that he has such a huge platform, I’m excited to see him use it in a such a positive way that’ll help are at risk youth in the community. I am very excited and anxious to see what else the Cyp Squad At Risk Youth Foundation has in store for us. Thank you Johnathan and everyone apart of the Cyp Squad At Risk Youth Foundation. 

To stay updated on the Cyp Squad At Risk Youth Foundation follow them on Instagram and Twitter at [csfoundation37]


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