Event Recap: #SimplyOnTheScene at #TopSecretMiami

Top Secret Miami was a unique event that embraced our local music and art underground culture. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, all major details were kept TOP SECRET up until the moment of the event. Top Secret Miami gave out an outside flea market, artsy vibe. It had a plethora of different artists showcasing their talent. Live performances, live art, live photo shoots, and much more. As I walked onto the scene, I had no idea where to begin. I spent the first 30 minutes in the same spot just scoping out my peers and our surroundings. Once I got comfortable I dove right in. Going from table to table, speaking to each and of the vendors. Did I forget to mention this was an epic networking event? Throughout the night there were live performances from South Florida’s underground talent. Each artists to hit the stage added a unique touch to the environment. In the midst of the live performances there was a quick fashion show, that showed so many beautiful ladies.

Aside from the live performances there was some artists creating live in front of us. One particular artist caught my eye, and he goes by the name of Micheal Jaye. If I had to choose one word to describe his work it would have to be flawless. Micheal Jaye’s  work was picture perfect. The bold color choices,  and 90’s cartoon theme like the Flintstones, with a hint of the modern-day touch. Being able to watch him at work was awesome. I think it’s safe to say that he was one of the crowds favorite.

Top Secret Miami was a perfect event, in which South Florida artists were showcased amongst their peers. A great environment in which we were able to network with artists of different forms, individuals with different likes and dislikes, but merge under one roof to make something great and connect. Embrace a culture that at times doesn’t receive the lime light it deserves.


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