DOPE X GOLD put together a two-day concept shop in the middle of Miami’s Historic Overtown. DOPE X GOLD, gave us an experience that was much-needed for the culture. He gave us somewhere we can go, sit back and appreciate  apparel, unique art, good music and great people. DOPE X GOLD displayed his apparel, and also gave younger artists a chance to show the community their unique talents. There was live art, by the amazingly talented Micheal Jaye, displays of Haitian artist Woff Gang most recent pieces, and lastly TribeMIA, had a displays on showcase as well. The first day of the concept shop there was a live personable performance by Austin Paul. The second day there was a live performance by the band,Twelvelen. Each performance blew me away, this had been my first time hearing these artists as well as seeing them live. They brought something unique and memorable to the  #DXGCONCEPT. Throughout this two-day event, some of Miami’s heavy hitters stopped by to shop, check out some art, and show love to the culture.

Recently I have noticed that the word culture is being tossed around so loosely, and at first I didn’t understand why.   After doing some research, and attending this event I began to get a better under standing.  What is culture? Culture is the way of life for a group of people. The #DXGCONCEPT, grasped and embraced our culture. It’s like a family, in which we appreciate the art and the value of different concepts, which outsiders might not understand. Being apart of this family so to speak, or just being able to witness and understand it, is amazing. Not allowing others views to hinder how we feel about the things we believe in. Standing up for our city and the different things it brings. Miami isn’t only South Beach, gun violence and First 48 episodes. Miami is blessed to hold such diversity that can easily be embraced. Miami is a city in which our culture is so strong it is often imitated, and hated on. But for these two days, we were able to just enjoy it, bask in the ambiance, and enjoy an opening and impeccable environment. Meet new people, shop, eat drink and listen to some great tunes.


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