BergIce Billion Berg has been acclaimed, the voice of the streets. Billion is an independent recording artist out of Miami, Florida, building his dynasty from the ground up.v91MmP02When speaking of Florida’s music you can’t fail to mention Ice Billion Berg. He is known to follow the beat of his own drum, never allowing others opinions and beliefs to hinder his goal, and what he believed to be his way. Not receiving the support from his local radio stations, Ice Berg bluntly said ‘F*ck the radio stations’! Sounds crazy right? But who really needs them? His fans are carrying him, supporting him, and that’s all that really counts. Through plenty of adversity, many road bumps, and lots of backlash, Billion, remained a solid key player in the game. Don’t think for a second that Billion, didn’t receive offers from the major labels. Ice Berg took heed to the independent route after finally being released of his contract with Dunk Ryder Records and Cash Money Records. Being mocked for one of his most popular lines “I’m on my way” Billion continued to prove that his vision, couldn’t be seen nor understood by the simple-minded individuals. When rapping the famous line “I’m on my way” he never meant, on my way to fame, on my way to a major record deal, he meant on my way to the money, to the opportunities, to the independence, to changing the game and paving the way. 

 In the past two years Billion has built his brand ‘Live House’ from nothing into something. I remember when Billion first introduced the Live House brand, that’s all he wore, for 365 days straight. Billion has also built his own studio, ‘Key Holder Studios’, located in North Miami. Today, Billion is working on releasing his debut album ‘Damage is Done 2’ and opening a flagship store in the North Miami area as well. Not only is he the voice of the streets, and the face of underground scene in Florida, Ice Berg is a son, a father, a fiancé, an entrepreneur and a role model.

If you know me, you know I have been a fan since about 2007-2008. Not only a fan of his music, but of his vision, his grind, his consistency, but most importantly his growth. He’s not the same teenager that rocked the baggie Dickies, and the latest Jordans. bergversaceSome might not like his music, might even hate it, but look at the positivity he brings to our culture, and our communities. I’m more than positive he has been ridiculed for the path he chose, for not choosing a record deal with a major label, and for saying f*ck the radio numerous times. But Ice Berg continued working, remained consistent, formed a plan, and executed. No matter what I believe Ice Berg, will always be remembered for carrying Miami on his back and paving the way. Making it easier for the upcoming local talent to take the independent route, and receive the support they deserve.



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