DJ SMOKEY drops the video for ‘How I Feel’ featuring ZOEY DOLLAZ, and MMG’S Young Breed. How I Feel video is like a short movie playing out the events that are occurring thorough out that day.  This track is about catching feelings for a girl who is in a relationship. Both ZOEY and YOUNG BREED, rap about how they feel openly, letting it be known they don’t care about what anyones opinion or thoughts on their situations. I’m sure we’ve been caught up in a situation like this before in which we catch feelings for someone we really shouldn’t. But in reality we can’t control how we feel. Both ZOEY and Young Breed, spit about  his feelings about a chick and not caring that she in fact is in a relationship. Rapping exactly how the feel, keeping it G, in a slightly arrogant way.  Young Breed gets on the second verse and spits so effortlessly, with a nice tone, and smooth flow. Laying it out on exactly how he feels. This video was directed by Cinestream Pictures. I enjoyed the “short movie” for How I Feel, it really putting a vivid visual to a great song, directors did a great job with the transitions and making everything seem so normal and real.



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