Straight out of North Miami Beach, the young and brilliant Kiddo Marv feeds the streets with his debut mixtape Dying 2 Live. It’s hard to deny this young rapper of his talent, from the way he raps, with his unquie and fast pace quick flow, to the word play he drops to the beats. Dying 2 Live is a representation of everything Kiddo has been through, seen, and envisioned thus far. Dying 2 Live is a mixture of different tracks that give us a look into the young artist life. In the world we live in today we are really dying to live, dying to be successful, and dying to fulfill all our dreams, depending on which side of spectrum we fall under. This project caters to all, from the stories he tells, to the production he chooses. Music for the club, music with a story, music for the ladies and some music to uplift and motivate even tracks acknowledging his Haitian culture. You can catch Kiddo refering to him and his crew as ‘Zak Boys‘ which in the Haitian culture means  taking action, not waiting for things to be spoon fed or given to you, but going for what you believe in.  Kiddo is doing just that, working hard and waking the city streets up with his new music. Taking action, because action always speaks louder than words. Dying 2 Live has features with CHAD, MONK, V STUCK and ZOEY DOLLAZ each of these Miami based artist giving Dying 2 Live, a sense of diversity, and a taste of Miamis amazing talent. It also features Haitian comedian, with two funny, but understanding skits. Kiddo Marv, expressed himself pretty bluntly on here, giving us what I like to call real rap, no need for the punchlines, and metaphors, just those real rhymes and dope bars. Taking on his journey, inviting us into his hard times, his good times, his plans, and his goals. This is a magnificent body of work that caters to multiple  audiences.



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