NEW EVENT: #SlamForLiteracy Poetry Slam on 10/24/15 Presented by: @TierraTraniece

 Tierra Traniece the author presents First Annual #SlamForLiteracy Poetry Slam! Hosted by: Empress Raw, co- hosted by Rob Ohtis. Special invited judges are Tonya D, Five Richh, Darkside Bay Bay, Dopegasm, and DJ BRE. #SlamForLiteracy will take place October 24, 2015.
Tickets will go on sale October 1st which is the start of Literacy Month.

7 is a competition that will take place in October (Literacy Month) put together by Tierra Traniece to not only revive the dying poetry culture but to also bring awareness to the community about literacy. Reading is fundamental, we have to teach and show our children how critical reading is to our everyday lives. During #SlamForLiteracy poets will recite poems in front of a crowd to determine who will be crowned “Slam Champ”. Poets must recite their OWN work. 8 competitors, 3 rounds, 1 champ. All proceeds will go to the publishing and funding of Tierra’s books and women empowerment events. As poets come together to see who the best is with words we will also collect children and teens books to donate back to our inner city youth so that they can begin to build a vocabulary as big as the dreams they want to chase.

Simply Annick is a proud sponsor of #SlamForLiteracy! I can’t wait to take a look into Tierra’s world! While also provoding books for our future.


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