LIL DRED took the streets by surprise on Halloween dropping HOTTEST IN THE CITY!  Hopping on instrumentals like Stick Talk, March Madness, I’m The Plug, and much more. LIL DRED takes a different approach on HOTTEST IN THE CITY, still rapping that real, but more aggressive holding nothing back. Going through the mix tape you can hear his tone is fearless, you hear LIL DRED pouring his heart on the beats. LIL DRED speaks on things like losing fans, losing friends, both dead and alive, but remaining solid, continuously working and spitting that real life. Some may not understand, but hey you have to take chances, and go with what and how you feel.  Although he’s not where he wants to be, he continues doing what he’s been doing. Dropping that real rap, and catering to his loyal fans, and gaining that organic buzz. He may have been on a hiatus, but guarantee it wasn’t for no other reason than being in the studio cooking up that heat. HOTTEST IN THE CITY, also introduces two other artist apart of the Team Dred  campaign on track eight, titled ‘Water’.  Water, is a track in which LIL DRED vents with his fans about the crazy things going on in our city, while also introducing ZEEKY, on the 2nd verse and SHIZ, on the 3rd verse. Hopefully this won’t be the first and last time Team Dred makes an appearance on a track. Stick Talk, March Madness, and Water were definitely my favorite tracks on the mix tape, even though each track brought something different to the table, those 3 did something to me.



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