“See I’m the savior in a city, that needs saving”NMB SAVIOR

He’s BACK, like he never left! Earlier this week FloKid dropped Dreamville over J Cole’s ‘Dreams’ instrumental. The NMB Savior opened up on this one, putting it all on the beat so naturally. FloKid is known to spit straight realities, real rap, with that nice flow that you could feel in your veins, and in your heart. FloKid takes this pleasant production, and spits his fears, his ever most sacred thoughts, and his dreams.  We all have dreams, dreams that we think about all day and all night, even in our sleep. In Dreamville, Flokid raps about him dreaming and having them come into light, he reminisces about the chances he didn’t take to follow his dreams. Through his lyrics, you can hear his hunger, his determination, and his ambition. In the past year, FloKid has been through a lot, but he hasn’t allowed that to take away from his dreams. Like always, FloKid has me, replaying his words over and over. We can all appreciate great lyrics, from an amazing artist.  He’s back, and ready to take control.



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